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We provide diverse candidates at all levels!

Supplemental Support Diversity Recruiting

Many organizations continue to face obstacles when recruiting people of color and in some instances women at the highest levels. In speaking with DE & I and Human Resources leaders, their recruiting practitioners continue to face the issues of being so overburdened by meeting over all recruitment goals, and in some instances the relationships haven’t been built and or nurtured to have potential candidates available when needed.




We can help!

We have done the work and have established relationships over the years in DE &I related communities. We also have our proprietary recruiting platform driven by AI and can identify potential candidates globally.

Our program is tailored to your organization by supplementing the capability of your recruiting staff by providing targeted diverse talent for key openings. We will identify and do the initial screening for your positions.  We provide 3 screened candidates for those positions. All successful candidates will participate in our onboarding process to ensure early and ongoing success. This program excludes C-suite and V.P. level executives, however other positions are suitable.

The Process

1 You identify diversity targeted positions.

2 You provide our team with the position description, anticipated salary range and all other relevant requirements.

3 Our team identifies 3 suitable candidates. Candidates currently in a suitable position, with appropriate educational background and professional experience (initial Screening). These candidates are open to career opportunities.

4 We refer these candidates to your team.

5 Your team takes over from there, with the remainder of the process. This would include your interview process, reference checks, job offer, relocation, if required, etc.

6 Should the candidate accept; they and the hiring executive participate in (SOIP)Simmons Orientation and Inclusion Process. This process ensures your new hire’s early and ongoing success!

7 Your team has the option of pursuing the other two candidates if so desired. Should either or both are hired, additional fee are required.

Fee Schedule: 60% discount from traditional search fees!

Initial Payment starts the process!


Should either of the other referred candidate be hired within 18 months, an additional Total fee will be paid for additional hires based on initial salary. They will also receive (SOIP) services.

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We are able to offer significant discounts for this program because unlike our executive search services, we only do the basic screening for our candidates. The client will manage the development of selection criteria, in depth candidate assessment, reference checking and package negotiaton. Contact us for our fee schedule!

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