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We seek to provide our clients with lasting results. To do that we provide outstanding tools and the experience to help your team make outstanding decisions.


Unsurpassed Capability

We bring a unique set of capabilities that ensures the success of every search. With our talent identification platform, driven by artificial intellegence, and international network we have global reach in targeting a diverse pool of executive talent. Our Selection Criteria Matrix identifies everthing candidates are required to have to excel in the position in question. Our behavioral interviewing technique validates every element of selection criteria.

Selection Criteria Matrix

We utilize our Selection Criteria Matrix to either build selection criteria or to confirm that the clients’ criteria is accurate and complete. Our matrix ensures that all technical skills, people skills and personal characteristics are accounted for. Our matrix is generated from the position itself, environmental factors, and corporate culture. To ensure success our criteria is agreed upon by all decision makers. The criteria when used with behavioral interviewing techniques, using the Simmons interview model ensures that only successful candidates will be recommended.

Global recruiting Reach

Global recruiting capability through our artificial Intelligence platform. Our AI executive search platform accurately identifies key incumbents anywhere across the globe. This capability enables us to assure our clients that there is a pool of specific talent available from which we can achieve outstanding results. we are able to assure our clients that a strong pool of talent exists before undertaking any assignment.

Systematic Behavioral Interviewing & Verification

Our Behavioral Interviewing Model, includes a number of techniques that requries candidates to demonstrates successful implemrntation of skill sets and personal charectoristics. We also validate through simulations where required.

Consultation With Hiring Executive or Team

When making hiring decisions, how does one insure that every successful candidate is fully capable to excel in the position, the organization and environment. How do we factor in diversity. We provide a consultative model that helps hiring executives and their teams weigh all factors related to selecting the final candidate and at the same time factors in diversity.

Package Negotiations

We extend the offer and negotiate the total package. We help employer and candidates the required buffer and experience to achieve a mutually acceptable result.

Onboarding to Ensure Success

We provide an optional on-boarding process in which the new employee and the key hiring manager are coached on key onboarding issues. Both the key manager and employee are contacted periodically ensuring that they are communicating fully and dealing with any issues that arise. This process lasts for the first 6 months. By accepting our optional onboarding process, we extend our guarantee by six months.

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