Executive Search Services

Many organizations still struggle with locating a diverse talent pool for         C-Suite, Senior-level and Technical positions.

Our executive search services ensure a highly qualified diverse talent pool for every search.

Targeted Selection Criteria

The Simmons selection criteria matrix provides a sure fired way to build selection criteria that ensures success in any position. The criteria when used with behavioral interviewing techniques, using the Simmons interview model ensures that only successful candidates will be recommended.

Inclusive Recruitment Process

Our artificial Intellegence recruiting platform along with our global network of partners, gives us the unique ability to identify diverse talent throught the globe. As a result we can assure our clients before we accept a search assignment that there is a viable diverse pool of talent available.


Guaranteed Results

The ultimate goal of every search is to match outstanding talent with outstanding organizations. We only recommend highly qualified candidates with proven records of success. Our optional onboarding process further ensures success. By accepting onboarding we increase the guarenty period.

Diverse Slate

Global Reach

Our Artificial Intellegence talent identification platform and our extensive global network allows us to identify diverse talent globally.

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